In order to truly understand the complexity of the Danube Delta, it is not enough to read these words, but you have to visit this vast wilderness

In order to truly understand the complexity of the Danube Delta, it is not enough to read these words, but you have to visit this vast wilderness, to take a kayak trip amid tangled mangrove canals and peaceful lakes and to listen to the nature’s sounds while strolling along the wild river banks. Only then you will realize the richness of this Romanian natural treasure, so called the birds and fish heaven.

An ecosystem so important, we have to preserve it for the generations to come in the same shape it is nowadays.

Here you will get to see all the Europe’s wetland plant species, which create a diverse array of habitats: natural floating islands, seasonally submerged riverbank mangroves and reeds, marine and river sand dune ecosystems and salt pans. This area is the most important resting place for the migratory birds between tropical and arctic regions, five of the main migration routes merging here.

The most exotic ecosystem in Europe with over 1830 plant species, 2440 insect species, 320 birds, 133 fish, 91 mollusks, 44 mammals, 11 reptiles and 10 amphibian species. Many of them are unique to this place and are protected for their global importance.

There are 15 seats available in double and single kayaks (seats will be reserved in order of subscriptions).

This tour was thought to be suited to anyone over 18 years old.

The tracks are easy and no previous kayaking experience is required.

All kayaks and safety equipment are brought by our team: kayak, paddle, float vest, spray-deck, waterproof bag, tent, isoprene, sleeping bag.

You will be constantly accompanied and assisted by 2 or 3 experienced Free Worlding guides.

We invite you to one of the greatest adventures of Wild Romania!

Day 1 – Amazing Danube Delta

* 05:00 – Pick up from Bucharest
* 09:00 – We’ll start by doing the paddle training safely. Participants will receive waterproof bags for kayaking the personal luggage and equipment we offer. Every participant in this tour will carry his luggage and food in the kayak. After all these preparations, we will say goodbye to civilization and we will set out on the Danube towards Uzlina. During the day we take breaks for relaxation, photo sessions, snacks. After 15 km we will stop and, after we unload the luggage from the kayak
* In the evening we camp in the middle of nature – tents, hammocks, stars

Day 2 – Secret Delta

* We have breakfast, gather the camp, we load the kayaks and we go. During the day, we can stop to rest, take a dip and have lunch. Often, depending on the water level, we will not find dry places where we stop, so some snacks will be needed
* We will travel with the kayaks on the most remote canals, where we will surely have the opportunity to admire the wild beauties of the Delta
* After a long day we reach the shores of the Black Sea!
* In the evening we camp on the beach surrounded by stars and waves

Day 3 – Wild Beaches Of Black Sea

* We wake up earlier and take a bath in the waves of the Black Sea
* We prepare breakfast, prepare sandwiches for lunch, gather the camp and leave
* We cross back from the heart of Delta to hidden and lovely places. Here we will be able to admire many birds
* We continue back to the next camping place. We spend a relaxing evening around the fire

Day 4 – The Way Back Home

* It’s our last day in the Danube Delta. After breakfast, we board the kayaks and go winding through small and large lakes, twisted channels and hidden arms. We arrive at the end of the afternoon
* This is where our trip ends
* We make friends on Facebook, take selfies, make fun hashtags
* Transfer back to the hotel


  • Sometimes, some of the places we intend to visit may be closed at that time. But don’t worry. We have prepared tourist attractions at least as interesting as the previous ones.
  • We can organize this tour all year long.
  • The tour can be optimized according to your wishes.


Talk to our tours expert

We are here to discuss about your next dream trip in Romania!

We can organize this tour from May to November. The tour can be customized depending on the number of days you have available.

  • call us : +40761.896.881 or just write us on whats app
  • 9 am – 8 pm Monday through Sunday.

Otherwise, send an email anytime: office@wildromania.ro

For booking please contact us with at least 3 months in advance in the extra season and at least 5-6 months in advance during the full season (in the summer time), to check the availability. We will offer our support for all the aspects related to the trip planning, including the flight schedule.

All you have to do is to contact us as soon as possible, in order to have enough time at disposal for all the organizational details.

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