With a humid continental climate, Romania is hosting a variety of forest animals, migrant birds, and even dolphins in its Black Sea waters.

Most of Romania’s fauna lives in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Despite the harsh environment, some daring chamois also inhabit the high altitudes of these mountains. From bear sanctuaries to bison reservations, Romania’s geography is spotted with places where you can admire the beauty of these animals.

Although in Romania, the climate is favorable to 90 mammal species, some are highly endangered or near-threatened. In the southern plains of the country, many rodent species, like the European mole and the Romanian hamster, find their home. But the biggest most impressive mammals populate the forests in the mountains. Among these, the brown bear, the grey wolf and the last of the bison population in Europe, can be admired in animal reservations across the country or into the wild in organized tours.

First part of the day – Liberty Bear Sanctuary

* Our adventure begins at 7:00 in the morning when you will be picked up from the hotel parking lot. Three hours away, near Brasov, we stop at the first tourist attraction of the day that we will visit: Libearty Bear Sanctuary Libearty Bear Sanctuary is the biggest brown bear sanctuary from Europe and has the largest surface in the world. Here, 75 bears found a nice home in this 5 stars welfare facility. Here you can see happy bears in their natural environment, after a bad life in circuses and zoo cages. The tours are guided by trained animal welfare experts and the visitors can see brown bears really close
* Romania outlawed the keeping of wild bears in 2005. Most of the bears at the sanctuary are Romanian, but some have been rescued from as far afield as Albania and Texas. The giant of the sanctuary, at 400 kilos, hails from Armenia. It’s impressive to see these enormous mammals but undeniably sad to see scars of what they endured: some pace in circles, despite the abundant space. You may also spot tiny deer or the nine wolves who also make their home here
* The “Libearty” Bears sanctuary is NOT a zoo!
* For safety reasons, for the smooth running of the visits and for the welfare of the bears, children under 5 will not be allowed in the Libearty Bear Sanctuary. Please, be ready to present a document that certifies the age of your child/children
* The access in the sanctuary with any kind of photo-video camera is charged with extra 50 lei, except the special tours for professional photographers

* Rules of conduct:

* It is the bears’ forest and so please respect that!
* Do not throw food to the bears!
* Please switch off your mobile as the noise can disturb the bears!
* Do not use camera flash as it can frighten the bears
* Do not eat or drink in front of the bears! It is impolite!
* Smoking is forbidden!
* Do not leave rubbish on the ground in the forest
* Do not approach the electric fence – it is dangerous!
* Stay together, follow the guide and patiently listen our stories!
* Do not make any noise!
* Thus, the bears will know that you are their friends!
* At noon we have a lunch break where you can enjoy delicious traditional Romanian dishes

Day 2 – Wildlife watching

• The last part of the day brings us the biggest adventure of the day! Observation of bears in the wilderness of forests around Rasnov
• No one wants to meet with the bear, but would it be nice to see him close, to see him in his natural environment, and he will not know that you are there, and so do not even attack you?
• If you are ready for such an adventure, here’s the time! Two hours before sunset, in safe conditions, accompanied by the Forestry Rangers, we can see the bears in their natural habitat! After a short walk, we reach the observer and wait in silence. The organizers tell us that it is worthwhile to wait patiently and … quietly
• Like any wild animal, the bear is a prudent one, therefore any loud noise and discussion must be avoided. It is forbidden to use the camera flash, which may scare them. On the day of the program, it is not advisable to use strong perfumes, and clothing should not be strident (not white, pink, orange, etc.)


  • Sometimes, some of the places we intend to visit may be closed at that time. But don’t worry. We have prepared tourist attractions at least as interesting as the previous ones.
  • We can organize this tour all year long.
  • The tour can be optimized according to your wishes.


Talk to our tours expert

We are here to discuss about your next dream trip in Romania!

We can organize this tour all year long. The tour can be customized depending on the number of days you have available.

  • call us : +40761.896.881 or just write us on whats app
  • 9 am – 8 pm Monday through Sunday.

Otherwise, send an email anytime: office@wildromania.ro

For booking please contact us with at least 3 months in advance in the extra season and at least 5-6 months in advance during the full season (in the summer tim

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All you have to do is to contact us as soon as possible, in order to have enough time at disposal for all the organizational details.

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