We’ve selected for you 3 tourist attractions that are brought together to create the ambience needed for a successful day.

If you have traveled to Romania and have a day off, we invite you to a relaxing tour that will definitely disconnect you from the busy schedule of business meetings and reveal some of the hidden miracles of Romania. We’ve selected for you 3 tourist attractions that are brought together to create the ambience needed for a successful day.

First part of the day – Slanic Prahova Salt Mine & Lacerta Winery

• Our tour starts at 8 am when you will be picked up from the hotel. The first stop of the day is at Slanic Prahova Salt Mine. Known as the biggest salt mine in Europe, Slanic Prahova stands today for one of the most important watering and climatic resorts in Romania, situated between the valley of Prahova and that of Teleajen, at about 44 km of Ploiesti, at 400 meters altitude. Among the natural treatment factors, we have to mention here The Old Salt Mine (Unirea), which was transformed in a sanatorium, at 210 meters deep, for the treatment of pulmonary diseases in a saline air microclimate. Unique in the country, but also in Europe, the salt mine is formed out of 14 rooms, trapezium shaped, with an opening of 32 meters at the basis, 10 meters at the ceiling and 45 meters height. The total area is of 78,000 m2 and the excavated space is of 2,9 million m3 of salt. The access into the mine is done by two elevators that make the transport of the visitors possible
• The second stop of the day is at the Lacerta Winery. South of the Romanian Carpathians, on the same 45th parallel as famous Toscana or Bordeaux, there’s a place with wet springs and long, dry, sunny autumns. It’s a place where fertile and clean soils are recognized by the small lizards speeding around. If you stop at Dealu Mare to admire the breathtaking beauty of the vineyards and smell the fresh air, you might encounter the living proof of these fine lands for a few seconds, the lizards. In 2011, lizards borrowed their Latin name, to multi-awarded world class wines: Lacerta. We will taste 6 of the most famous varieties of wine of the winery and we will serve a delicious lunch that will highlight its aroma

Second part of the day – The Bellu Manor Museum

• The Bellu Manor Museum is a representative monument of Romanian architecture and houses an important collection of the Baron Alexander Bellu (1850-1921). The building consists of several rooms, furnished with various antique pieces, bringing together eras, styles and origins of all kinds: Italian, Florentine, Bolognese, French, Austrian, Arabic, and Romanian. The manor is filled with a cellar that present the practice of viticulture in Dealu Mare area
• Before returning to Bucharest, for the evening to be perfect, we can stop by a place very dear to us, where every time we enjoy the most delicious dishes. Lady Ralu’s Mansion (Conacul Domnitei Ralu) is one of the great surprises of Romania, so we’ve decided to offer you a place where you can enjoy a wonderful glass of wine, bohemian food, and a breathtaking panorama. The mansion remembers us of a little corner of the sun kissed Tuscany. It has a history of over 90 years, but was only recently rediscovered and turned into a family business, after years of being abandoned and unkempt
• Return to Bucharest and hotel transfer


  • Sometimes, some of the places we intend to visit may be closed at that time. But don’t worry. We have prepared tourist attractions at least as interesting as the previous ones.
  • We can organize this tour all year long.
  • The tour can be optimized according to your wishes.


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