Discover the biodiversity of a unique ecosystem in Europe! The pearl of Romania: Danube Delta

In order to truly understand the complexity of the Danube Delta, it is not enough to read these words, but you have to visit this vast wilderness, to take a boat trip amid tangled mangrove canals and peaceful lakes and to listen to the nature’s sounds while strolling along the wild river banks. Only then you will realize the richness of this Romanian natural treasure, so called the birds and fish heaven.

An ecosystem so important, we have to preserve it for the generations to come in the same shape it is nowadays.

Here you will get to see all the Europe’s wetland plant species, which create a diverse array of habitats: natural floating islands, seasonally submerged riverbank mangroves and reeds, marine and river sand dune ecosystems and salt pans. This area is the most important resting place for the migratory birds between tropical and arctic regions, five of the main migration routes merging here.

The most exotic ecosystem in Europe with over 1830 plant species, 2440 insect species, 320 birds, 133 fish, 91 mollusks, 44 mammals, 11 reptiles and 10 amphibian species. Many of them are unique to this place and are protected for their global importance.

Day 1 – Discover Danube Delta

* Early morning, you will be picked up from the hotel in Bucharest, thus starting our five days adventure
* First stop will be Enisala Citadel, one of the most beautiful in Romania, three hours from Bucharest. Be prepared for breathtaking scenery from the top of the hill where the Genovese walls are guarding the surroundings
* Once we reach the entrance in the Danube Delta, we will take a boat transfer to the beautiful guesthouse which will host us for 4 nights
* Traditional lunch
* Afternoon- a 60 km (4-5 hours) boat tour through the river canals, surrounded by water lilies, swans, pelicans and many other species
* In the evening we will stimulate our senses with the tastiest traditional food, cooked with local products, including many types of fish

Day 2 – Sulina

* Breakfast
* 9:30 we will embark in speedboats for an 8-hour adventure in which we will reach the Danube’s endpoint- Sulina
* We will visit the Old Sulina Lighthouse which nowadays functions as a museum
* The Sailor’s Graveyard- a unique cemetery, in which people of 21 nationalities are resting
* Musura Gulf – a lagoon situated in the Black Sea, created by the alluvium deposited by the Danube’s branches, and representing the everchanging border between Romania and Ukraine
* We’ll sail along the strip where Danube’s waters merge with those belonging to the Black Sea- a true natural spectacle
* We’ll pass by the Old Lighthouse, the weather station, the New Lighthouse and the Sulina shipwreck- few spectacular local landmarks
* We will serve the lunch in a traditional household, tasting some of the local fish dishes
* We will go ashore on one spectacularly wild beach where we will have a swim
* We will embark again for returning to the guesthouse where our hosts will welcome us with the tastiest food and plenty of fine white wine

Day 3 – Letea

* After breakfast we will embark in boats
* We will visit the fishermen village of Letea, situated near the wild horse reservation (the only one in Europe). Here the “Delta mustangs” roam the wild secular forests of Letea reservation, which is the northernmost exotic forest ecosystem in the northern hemisphere according to WWF (World Wild Fund)
* Afterwards, we will embark in another boat trip on the tangled canals, visiting among other beautiful places, the Ceausescu Villa (a building which once belonged to the former communist leader of Romania)
* On the way we will also visit the water lily reservation, the Pelicans nest reservation and the Swan nest reservation
* Several traditional fishermen villages
* Traditional lunch in a Lippovan household. Lippovans, also called “old believers” are Russian settlers, which came in this region mostly in the 19th century, bringing with them their cultural heritage, which remained almost unchanged over the centuries
* In the afternoon we will embark in horse carts for a safari trail in the wild forests of Letea, in the search for the wild horses
* On the way we will visit the sand dunes reservation
* In the evening we will get back to the guesthouse for a special dinner

Day 4 – Saint George

* Boat tour on the Saint George canal, to the mouth of the Danube river
* We’ll explore by boat this wild place, landing in Saint George village, a small fishermen settlement, for having the lunch in the most renowned traditional household from the area
* This time we will walk for 15-20 minutes on the sand dunes, until we reach the Black Sea
* A short stroll on the beach, reaching the place where Danube’s water merge with the Black Sea’s waves
* If the weather is fine, we will bask under the sun for couple of hours, swim and have fun
* In the evening we will return to our guesthouse for the dinner

Day 5 – Caraorman Village

* After breakfast we will get prepared for the last day of our adventure in the Danube Delta
* A wildlife boat tour in which we will get to the heart of the delta, with Caraorman village as destination, where we will spend the rest of the day
* We will pass through the Cormorant reservation and the Bird’s Paradise
* In Caraorman we will visit the glass factory which only functioned for two days during the communist era
* We will go on a 4×4 trip to the Caraorman sand dunes
* Traditional lunch in a local household – tasty fish sour soup
* Afterwards, we will visit two old oaks which are proven to be 400 years old
* The Kneeling Oak- one of the most beautiful landmarks in Dobruja region. Here it rises the oldest and the loftiest tree of the entire Delta. Some 30 meters tall and 4 meters wide, it is also the largest in the region
* After the trip we will return to Bucharest


  • Sometimes, some of the places we intend to visit may be closed at that time. But don’t worry. We have prepared tourist attractions at least as interesting as the previous ones.
  • We can organize this tour all year long.
  • The tour can be optimized according to your wishes.


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