Welcome to the biggest wellness center in east Europe. Therme Bucharest is a wellness concept for a modern lifestyle, dedicated to your well-being.

Welcome to the biggest wellness, relaxation and entertainment center in Europe. Located North of Bucharest, just 20 minutes away from the city, Therme Bucharest is a wellness concept for a modern lifestyle, dedicated to your well-being.

Therme Bucharest has an indoor temperature of 29-30 degrees Celsius and a water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, every month of the year. The thermal water makes its way from deep underground to supply 9 pools, 6 saunas, 4 wet saunas and 16 water slides. At Therme Bucharest, nature meets man in the most beautiful setup, which hosts the largest botanical garden in Romania with over 800,000 plants, including 1,500 palm trees, orchids and many other unique species. With entertainment and recreation facilities that are completely new in Romania, Therme Bucharest is the ideal destination for the whole family. It is the perfect place to experiment the culture of wellness at its highest level.

The entire wellness center, which stretches over 250,000 square meters, is divided into three major areas: Galaxy, The Palm and Elysium, each with its own entertainment and relaxation facilities, individually different from each other.

Galaxy Zone

It is ideal for families with children, but also for adults. Important is that there is no age limit or height for children, but they must be accompanied if they are under 14 years of age.
In this area, a swimming pool with waves (with six programs, that means six types of waves) and 16 water slides, which accumulates 1.5 kilometers of water slides. The tallest is 12 meters height, but what’s most interesting is the fact that you can choose one of the six sound and light programs that make up the background. Imagine what it is like to go on the slide in full “storm” and feel in the midst of lightning and thunder!
In addition, the Galaxy has plenty of relaxation, pool bar, snack-bar and a restaurant-bar where you can eat everything you want without having to spend money in your pocket; all consumption is recorded using the bracelets you receive at the entrance, and the total is calculated on departure.

The Palm Zone

It is the main area of the center, with seating areas for adults older than 16 years (or adults with children up to 3 years old). Here you will find the largest pools in the complex (the largest of which has an area of 1200 square meters) surrounded by many exotic plants – including hundreds of purple orchids – and a wonderful palm tree forest. Imagine how to relax in hydromassage chairs or jacuzzi in this flower and palm forest. The image is dreamlike at the sunset, when the pool becomes a fairy-tale; hundreds of colorful light spots create an atmosphere you will not forget too soon. If you want more, you have 3 other aromatherapy pools, a special outdoor pool (crazy river), a wet sauna (rainforest) and a hammam.
The food area includes a self-service restaurant, a gelateria and a vitamin-bar.

Elysium Zone

It is the exclusive area, more expensive than the others and forbidden to those under 16s. However, you have to know that the tariff also includes free access to the other two areas (Galaxy and The Palm).
Here you will find relaxing places, massages, theme saunas (Hollywood, Alhambra, Amazon, Bavaria, Himalaya) thought out and arranged in the slightest detail – in a word, a real paradise of pampering. What if I told you that in this area you can swim into the pool with selenium, in the middle of which there is a bar?
It is easy to understand that such a luxury could not miss an á la carte restaurant.


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